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By using or registering for an account you agree to these terms and conditions. is an online cloud product offered through, which allows you to conduct online retrospectives for Scrum Agile Kanban teams. All products and services provided by are now referred to as the Service. is an online product of the IT TALENT GROUP LLC, Wyoming USA

We address the customer, the person who is bound by these general terms and conditions, with you. When we use the term "you" and/or related terms, we mean you as a natural person or the corporate legal entity that you represent.

As a customer of the Service, or as an agent of an entity that is a customer of the Service, you are a “Member” in accordance with these terms and conditions. We also call this “Membership”.

A customer who upgrades to a paid subscription is referred to as a Paid Member and/or Paid Member.

These terms and conditions together form the 'Terms and Policies' and determine how you may use In addition, they clarify how we will treat your account while you are a member.

1. Provisions

The Conditions and Policy apply to all agreements, quotations, deliveries and requests that we conclude with you now and in the future, unless it is explicitly stated that we deviate from this.

General Terms and Conditions that you and the company you represent use are explicitly not applicable.

The term of this agreement begins when you sign up for an account and register with our Service.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Policies at any time. We will notify you of changes by email.

By continuing to use our Service, you agree to the new, amended Terms and Policies.

2. Usage

You may only use our Service if you:

  • You are a company and can enter into business contracts;
  • Enter into a binding contract with IT TALENT GROUP LLC;
  • Have a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Agree to terms and conditions;;
  • Completed the account registration;
  • Have completed your user profile truthfully and ensure the accuracy and up-to-date of your data, including a valid e-mail address;

By using our Service, you agree to comply with all of the above requirements and not to use the Service in a manner that violates any law or regulation. We may at any time deny you access to the Service, close accounts and change the requirements and terms.

3. Accurate data in your account

We ask you to keep all your account information up-to-date at all times. In case of address, e-mail address, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and/or company name changes, you agree to update these within your account within 14 days so that we always have the most recent information. We have the right to delete your account and data if you have incorrect information in your account. Paying subscribers are not entitled to a refund in this case.

4. Subscription

When you have completed the registration you start with a freemium account with limited features.

When you take out a subscribe on the subscription page, you agree that a mutual agreement is created in accordance with the subscription form and the subscription costs that you owe.

After taking out a subscription, you will receive an invoice in your account under 'invoices'.

5. Payment

Payments are processed by credit card debit.

If you do not pay for your subscription, the retrospective functionality will be blocked. You can upgrade again in the future.

6. Duration and Termination

All subscriptions that you take out are business subscriptions and are extended by one day every day. You can cancel, upgrade and cancel daily.

Canceling the subscription is easy by pressing the 'cancel subscription' button in your account under 'subscription' under the accordion 'Cancel Subscription'. You can do this at any time, even from day 1 of your subscription.

7. Prices

Our rates for the paid subscriptions are stated in euros. Sales tax exempt.

A Paying Member owes the price that has been communicated to him or her in accordance with the subscription.

We can correct errors in price communications, including obvious inaccuracies and manipulation errors, even after the conclusion of the agreement.

We are entitled to change the rates at any time. Changes will be communicated to you as a Paying Member.

If the prices for the offered products increase while you are already a member, we will communicate this via email with the option to cancel the subscription.

8. Refund

We understand that sometimes you want to upgrade and downgrade, or take a break. If you upgrade to 100 'seats' and downgrade the next day to 20 'seats', we will refund your money. You have unused time for 80 'seats'. So unused time that has been invoiced will be refunded. We believe in our product and that you want to remain a customer for years to come. That is why we use this policy.

We will issue a refund to you as a Paying Member if we stop providing our Service that is not detailed in our Terms and Policies. You are not entitled to a refund from us in other circumstances.

9. Termination

We reserve the absolute right to withdraw your Membership, with or without reason and/or notification, at any time. Upon termination of your Membership, you will still be bound by the terms and conditions.

Scenarios leading to termination include: providing incorrect information in your account, entering an invalid credit card number, failing to meet a payment obligation, or spamming/hacking our servers.

10. Content

Our Service makes it possible to store content. This includes: retrospective feedback, submitted idea feedback and your user profile. All data you store in our database is called User Content. As a user, you retain ownership of your User Content and are solely responsible for the content of your User Content.

For internal analysis purposes, you grant us an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, store, display, modify, create derivative works, archive, delete and distribute your User Content . This is for the benefit of the functioning, development, management, analysis and use of the Service. You agree that this license will survive the deletion of the User Content by you. Nothing in this agreement limits our right to your User Content, including under other licenses.

By sending us feedback, tips or ideas, you agree to our use of your content without restrictions or compensation. This also means that we reserve the right to apply modifications to your ideas.

We do not resell User Content to other parties and this data remains internal. Very honest.

11. Processing personal data processes the following personal data: your first name, last name, email address, email settings and retrospective feedback. We keep track of your company: company name, company address, billing address and VAT number.

You can download your personal data under your account, under 'settings'. Here you can download a *.csv of your personal data and the retrospective feedback provided.

In accordance with the GDPR you can delete your account. All your personal data related to your account will be deleted from the database. This includes your account, email address, names, password reset links, your password, your retrospective feedback and your account settings.

It is also possible to delete your entire company account. This will delete all data from all members of your company. All relations from the database are deleted.

When your account is deleted, we only retain mandatory administrative data, such as invoices for the tax authorities.

12. Security of your data

We are constantly committed to the highest form of security of your data. We use the following techniques for this:

  • all communication takes place over a secure SSL (https) connection, recognizable by the lock in the URL bar;
  • relevant data in our database is encrypted with a unique algorithm, including passwords;
  • your account can only be accessed via secure authentication;
  • we limit access to your data to only IT TALTENT GROUP LLC employees, contractors and agents who are bound by confidentiality obligations.

13. Relationships with Data Processors

We use the services of Amazon Web Service (AWS), Stripe and Mongo Atlas.

Stripe manages your credit card details and handles the payments. As a result, we handle your data even more securely by storing it securely in only one place.

AWS is the cloud service that hosts the application allowing it to be offered worldwide.

Mongo Atlas is a hosted database cluster where the database is hosted and maintained by experts.

14. Restrictions on Content and Use of Our Service

It is forbidden to:

  • scan our computer systems for security vulnerabilities;
  • break and/or redirect our security systems;
  • (attempt to) access or seek access, by any means - manually or automatically - to the non-public areas of our Service, our computer systems, or the technical systems of our providers;
  • forge or manipulate headers or other data when using our Service;
  • transmit viruses;
  • spam our Service, mailboxes or users;
  • overload or flood our systems;
  • use our Service in any way not intended.

You agree to use our Service only through the publicly published interface powered by IT TALENT GROUP LLC. You may only deviate from this rule for testing purposes during an authorized period with prior permission from IT TALENT GROUP LLC.

15. Copyright

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, IT TALENT GROUP LLC has all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, to all information and images published on this website and it is not permitted to reproduce, edit, store or distribute information or images from this website. otherwise disclose in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of IT TALENT GROUP LLC, other than for personal use.

16. Security

We are strongly committed to security and work hard to properly secure your (and our) data. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee 100% that your data will remain safe. By using our Service, you understand this risk and agree that your data may accidentally fall into the hands of third parties.

If you detect a security problem, you are obliged to report this to us immediately. This can be done via the feedback form or e-mail.

You are responsible for a personal, strong password and the security of your hardware and software.

17. Availability and Maintenance

We strive to have this website continuously accessible. However, IT TALENT GROUP LLC is not liable for any consequences that may arise in any way as a result of the fact that this website is unavailable at any time for any reason. This website may be temporarily or permanently suspended by us without prior notice.

18. Disclaimer

We have carefully checked all information on this website and do our best to keep it up-to-date as much as possible. Nevertheless, we do not make any guarantees as to the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of any information on this website. Despite all the care that has been taken in the composition of this website, IT TALENT GROUP LLC cannot accept any liability for damage resulting from any imperfection or error in the content of this website.

19. Indemnity

By using our Service, you agree that you indemnify IT TALENT GROUP LLC, its employees, directors, partners and representatives against any liability for damage, both judicial and extrajudicial, including legal costs, travel and accommodation costs, damage to personal properties, etc.

20. Limitation of Liability

If IT TALENT GROUP LLC is liable for direct damage, that liability is limited to a maximum of 100 euros. We are never liable for indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost turnover and profit, missed savings and loss of data.

21. Disputes

If you have a dispute with us, you agree to contact us first, so that we can informally look for a solution to your conflict. You can contact us via the feedback form or via email.

22. Law and jurisdiction

State of Wyoming law applies to these Terms and Conditions. All disputes arising in connection with the terms of use, including disputes about the validity and applicability thereof, will be submitted to the competent court in Wyoming.